my valentine’s day

is a day where i spend with photoshop, illustrator, flash, tablet, computers, printers/scanner, my colleagues and my boss (oh god my boss orz) (ノಥДಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

what about yours?

2 years ago, 13/02/12 | 19 notes
#who say i'm alone... #;A; #me
  1. kyappi said: Spending it with you ;ロ;
  2. koumii answered: forever alone with my kokoro of many feelings OTL
  3. anoneko answered: Just a normal tuesday, since college only starts in march. \o/
  4. tachibaibobaibobaibonasuke answered: I go out with my mom………….. yeah
  5. ufoannyu answered: having good time with my laptop
  6. mister-usagi answered: Gotta finish my project coursework :L and watching Eyeshield 21 :P Just another casual day for me ╮(╯▽╰)╭
  7. stelleia answered: all the same thing as you except my “boss” is a teacher xD;;; (College Classes)
  8. hakurens answered: i’m having some university talk orz
  9. kyrigiri answered: It’s just another day with my lover…my laptop >_<
  10. rikukazin answered: ahah mine will be just like yours. xD
  11. drifting-time answered: Spend it in bed, sick ;o;
  12. taetime answered: gay porn
  13. shisuo answered: i’ll spend my valentine’s day at school. yesu, school! :(
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